I am Ciska

I am Ciska, born and raised in the Netherlands. I love books, photography, baking & cooking and Binturongs

If you want to keep up with my reading and books visit Ciska's Book Chest.

I love all animals (except 8 legged, venomous, poisonous or slimy ones) specially furry and fluffy ones. I have a special interest for Binturongs, if you don't know them yet, you will after meeting me

If you have further questions about me, ask. If you have an opinion or just want to leave a comment feel free to do so.

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At the beginning of the month I made a list of the books I had set up for June. I was planning on reading the following books

For Fiction Fanatics on Goodreads I will read

For Coffee & Books I will read

Coffee & Books is also organizing a Read ‘a thon for June. Which means no specific book challenge but timing my reading time. I have entered for the highest level which means I have to read at least 48 hours in June. People who know me well will realize this will not be very difficult.

If those are done and I still got some time left I got

I am currently reading The Lantern - Deborah Lawrenson and will finish it soon. This means I did not get around My Heart Remembers - Kim Vogel Sawyer yet but will keep it on the list for July.

I did not finish Lord of the Flies - William Golding I spend two days reading it and did not manage to get past page 50 cause I kept falling asleep after reading a couple of pages.

Besides these books I read Fifty Shades Darker , Fifty Shades Freed and Shadow of Time. Making my total for June 11 books.

For the Read-a-Thon I clocked 84 hours and 5151 pages.

What books will you read in July?

Books for May

Books for May