I am Ciska

I am Ciska, born and raised in the Netherlands. I love books, photography, baking & cooking and Binturongs

If you want to keep up with my reading and books visit Ciska's Book Chest.

I love all animals (except 8 legged, venomous, poisonous or slimy ones) specially furry and fluffy ones. I have a special interest for Binturongs, if you don't know them yet, you will after meeting me

If you have further questions about me, ask. If you have an opinion or just want to leave a comment feel free to do so.

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Books for May

Books for May

  1. harperbooks said: I got a big recommendation for BETWEEN SHADES OF GRAY so that’s near the top of my list.
  2. stormofsnow said: I want to read four of them, of those four I only have one :(
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